Microservices Introduction

What is Microservices?

What we had before this?

Microservices architecture

Advantages of Monolithic architecture

  • Simple to develop.
  • Simple to test.
  • Simple to deploy.
  • Simple to scale horizontally by running multiple copies behind a load balancer.

Disadvantages of Monolithic architecture

  • Tight coupling between components, as everything is in one application.
  • Less reusability.
  • Large code base, tough for developers and testers to understand the code and business knowledge.
  • Less Scalable.
  • Does not follow the Single Responsibility Principle.
  • More deployment and restart times.

Advantages of Microservice architecture

  • Independently deployable and allow for more team autonomy.
  • Independently scalable.
  • Reduce downtime through fault isolation.
  • The smaller codebase enables teams to more easily understand the code, making it simpler to maintain.

Disadvantages of Microservice architecture

  • It has all the associated complexities of the distributed system.
  • Higher chance of failure during communication between different services.
  • Difficult to manage a large number of services.
  • Network latency and load balancing.


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